Sunday, June 9, 2013

Review #20 Bruichladdich 10 - The Laddie 10

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The bartender replied, "It's a "Pabst Smir."
Sorry for my inconsistency on my blog posts, it's the busy time of year for me.  Bear with me I'll do my best to add new ones as I can.  I have over 100 reviews to post.
Bruichladdich 10 was whisky of the year 2011, another independent for a while anyway,  Just recently purchased by Remy Cointreau. A nice Islay distillery that was brought back to functionality and thrived to produce some fine spirit, especially this one.  Off to the review. 

Bruichladdich 10 - The Laddie  46%,  $45, Daveco, 750ml

Color:  Golden Dirty Blonde, Amber +1.  Clings to the glass nicely, Slow tears wide legs.

Nose:  Malty Cereal, Sea Water, Salty, Familiar Islay iodine and hint of Peat (even though it supposed to be un-peated), Fennel, Fresh Laundry, Caramel, Cut Grass.

Mouth Feel:  Slightly Oily,  Warm

Taste:  Warmth on the tongue, Spices:  Black Pepper, Ginger, Cardamon, Malt, Charcoal, Zest, Earthy, Syrup, Hint of Iodine.

Finish:  Long, Oily, Oak hint of Sulphur, Pepper

With Water:  N:  Lighter Syrup, Fragrant and Floral  T:  Lightens the Burn, Sweeter, Soft Fruit

Score: Taste:  70,  Value:11,  Uniqueness:  4  Buy Again:  4  Total: 89 

(re-reviewed second score of 92)

This is a good whisky, period.  Recommended to most scotch fans, minus the Islay detractors perhaps.  This dram has a lot to offer and plenty of complexity. Just a couple small items in the taste, I personally wasn’t a fan of, held me back from a slightly better score, but overall a solid scotch I hope to keep in my cabinet.  We’ll see what the future with Remy Cointreau brings.  

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Review #19: Glenfarclas 10

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Glenfarclas 10 40% ABV, $38 Boss Liquors 750

Review #19 from the independent Speyside family distillery.  This is a whisky I have heard and read so much positive about I had to buy a bottle.  I had the 105 at a bar a while back and loved it so I figured the 10 was going to be pretty good.  Let’s see.

Color:  Golden Apple juice, Amber +1.  Slow tears for a 10 year old.

Nose:  Mint, Spices; Pumpkin Pie spice, Allspice, Grass, Floral, Caramel, Apple, Licorice and Oak

Mouthfeel:  Soft liquid but thin

Taste:  Spicy; Ginger and Pepper, Woody, Floral, Soft Fruit, Radish.

Finish:  Again Minty, Cinnamon, Leather, a Bit Bitter, Vinegar

With Water:  N:  More Apples, Heather  T:  Softer, More Caramel and Strawberries

Score: Taste: 68,  Value: 10, Uniqueness:  3,  Buy Again:  2  Total:  83

For such a well respected whisky I have to say the Glenfarclas 10 left me a bit flat. I think the youth made it a bit rough around the edges for me, so I’m betting the older expressions are likely to be better.  For this whisky I would think a higher ABV and more time in a cask could improve this dram greatly.  Water really softens the bite on this one and improves the flavor, but at 40% I feel guilty using much.  Leaving the bottle in my cabinet for a while also improved the flavor and mellowed the harshness from the initial opening. Evidently this Scotch needs time to open.  I think I need to try the 12 and 15 to gain more perspective on this distillery.   

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Review #18 Black Bottle:

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"Is that true?" asks the Scotsman. "Has that really happened to you?"
"Well, no," says the Irishman, "but it happens to me sister all the time!"

Black Bottle:   NAS  40%, Blended Islays,   $24  Daveco 750ml

Hello again Scotch fans, my review #18 of Black Bottle.  My like of blends so far produces a short list but so far this is one of my highest ranking blends so far, and one of the few that I keep as a go to when I don’t wish to deplete my single malts.  It claims on the bottle to be a blend of all the Islay malts, and it’s produced from Gordon Graham and Company.  And onto the review....

Color:  Amber = +.5 to +1. Hint of gold with slow medium width tears.

Nose:  Islay-esque Briny Sea water, Iodine, Faint Peat, Fruit like Apple and Pear, Island Moss, Beach Sand, Licorice, Zest, Dry Hay, Sage

Mouth Feel:  Thin and Quick

Taste:  Saltwater, Seaweed, Smoke, Toffee, Dry Vegetation, Sweet Syrup, Malty, Black Pepper, Licorice, Fennel.

Finish:  Dry Grass, Seafood (Mussels)  Oak, Earthy

With Water:  N:  Softer Floral not, Sand, Honey, Almonds.
                          T:  Sweet Tree Nuts, Smoke, Sea Air, Creme Brule

Score:  Taste:  65,  Value: 14,  Unique: 3,  Buy Again 5  Total:  87

In my opinion this blend outranks a number of single malts for its complexity, nose and taste profiles. Probably one of the best blended scotch whiskies for the money.  Not too peaty, not too sweet a pretty good balance overall.  An excellent first, or early scotch for anyone on a tight budget.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Review #17 Glenmorangie Original 10:

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Glenmorangie Original 10 year:  43%     Region: Highland,  $29  Total Beverage

Through what I have read, this is claimed to be the top selling whisky in Scotland.  Probably because it damn near tastes like candy, very sweet and for me, so easy to drink.  Due to the inexpensive price I can get it for, it is a go to dram, and I have purchased this bottle many times.  In fact I even bought a bottle of this for when my 10 year old son turns 21.  I also have some mini’s of other expressions from Glenmorangie I can’t wait to get into.  Anyway, on to the review.

Color:  Pale yellow, light apple juice.  Tears are quick probably due to lower ABV.

Nose:  Like a candy shop: Sweet Honey, Vanilla, Fruit, Oranges, Lemon, Roses, Almonds.

Taste:  Warm malt, Vanilla, Honey, Floral Citrus, Lemon Rind, cookie spices.

Mouthfeel:  Light, Warm and quick on the tongue.

Finish:  Sweet, Honey, Citrus, Oak, Anise Seed.

With Water: This really doesn’t need much if any:

N: More floral, Honey comes out more, softens the spice and rind.
T:  Almonds, Sweet and Oak opens a bit more.

Score:  Taste:  65,  Value:  13,  Unique: 5,  Buy Again: 5  Total:  88

I know a lot of people find this whisky too sweet, but for it is so easy to enjoy and for $29 a bottle, it’s a great value, and that definitely boosts my score. One of the best starter whiskies and something else I really like about Glenmorangie  is it is the exact opposite to the smoky Islays, which I enjoy as well, but sometimes it’s nice to mix it up with different Scotches and regions.  This is the very thing I really enjoy about the hobby of tasting and nosing whisky. 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Review #16 Ballantine's 12 Year Old:

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Ballantine’s 12 Year Old:  40% $27.99 

Color  Amber +1.5, Coats glass with Slow Medium Tears, mid sized legs.

Nose:  Malty, Grainy, Raisins, Nutmeg, Oak, Carmel, Citrus, Orange and Orange Zest.

Mouth Feel Neat:  Warm, Thin Oil.

Taste:  Earthy, Oak, Toffee, Brown Sugar, Ginger, Dark Tea (English Breakfast), Orange Zest.

Finish:  Warm, Spice, Caramelized Sugar, Hint of Smoke and Grain.

With Water:  N:  More Toffee, and Sweet Spices, Wine, Sherry, Subdued Grain.
T:  Smoother, More Caramel, and Toffee,  Pinch of Pepper.

Score:  Nose: 19, Taste: 18, Finish: 18, Balance: 20    Total: 75

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Review #15 Lagavulin 16:

One day an Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman walked into a pub together.
They each proceeded to buy a pint of Guinness.
Just as they were about to enjoy their creamy beverage, a fly landed in each of their pints and became stuck in the thick head.
The Englishman pushed his beer from him in disgust.
The Irishman fished the offending fly out of his beer and continued drinking it as if nothing had happened.
The Scotsman picked the fly out of his drink, held it out over the beer and yelled,

Lagavulin 16:  43%,  from Boozer’s Reserve

Color:  Amber +1.5 Rich with a Golden brown Hue, Streaming Tears with Lots of Legs

Nose:  Peat, Iodine, Islay, Sand, Fruit; pears,Nutmeg, Syrup, Black Pepper, Leather, Tobacco, Cocoa, Carmel

Mouth Feel:  Thin viscosity oily, well balanced yet smooth 

Taste:  Warm, Fruity: Apples and Pears, Oak, Spices, Metallic, Radish, Moss, Earthy, Cinnamon

Finish:  Leather, then Sharp, fades slow and long.  Pepper, Lemon Zest, Earthy Peat and Moss

With Water: 

Nose:   Smoke and Pest a bit more pronounced, Opens up to more Toffee and Caramel

Taste:  Sweeter, Carmel, Syrup, Pepper and Ginger.

Score:  Taste:  73/75,  Value 10/15  Unique:  5/5  Buy Again 3/5  Total:  91 

Overall one of the greater single malts.  I picked this up at a discount from a friend, otherwise it would have been closer to $85 to $100.  Very complex, and it opens up very nicely over time and with water.  I think it’s popularity and hype has raised it’s price, but one of the more balanced Islay Malts IMO.  Love the taste and nose, I just wish it cost a bit less, really my only negatives go to value and buy again, otherwise I’d raise it a few more points overall.  Would love to try the 12  cask strength sometime soon. 

Monday, April 29, 2013

Review #14 Talisker 10:

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Talisker 10 45.8%
Color: Amber+1.5, golden copper, slow tears with wide legs
Nose: Islay-esque-Iodine, sea mist/seaweed, peat, sweet spices; nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, red apple
Taste: Very nicely balanced; warm, smooth sweet caramel, vanilla, honey with a light oily, almost silky mouthfeel.
Finish: Smooth, pepper, pears, toffee
With water: Nose: More fragrant/ sweeter, honey and heather Taste: Water mellows out the smoke a bit which heightens the sweet and pepper
This is the most complete and balanced whisky I have tried to this point, peatier than HP yet mellower than the Islays with some Speyside sweetness, and I have tried a good number of all regions so far. This scotch seems to encompass some of all the best scotch features. My only real negative points were caramel color and unsure if chill filtered. Otherwise an excellent dram.
Taste: 73/75 Value: 12/15 Uniqueness: 5/5 Buy Again: 5/5
Total Score... 95