Monday, April 29, 2013

Review #14 Talisker 10:

What do you call a guitar player without a girlfriend?

Talisker 10 45.8%
Color: Amber+1.5, golden copper, slow tears with wide legs
Nose: Islay-esque-Iodine, sea mist/seaweed, peat, sweet spices; nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, red apple
Taste: Very nicely balanced; warm, smooth sweet caramel, vanilla, honey with a light oily, almost silky mouthfeel.
Finish: Smooth, pepper, pears, toffee
With water: Nose: More fragrant/ sweeter, honey and heather Taste: Water mellows out the smoke a bit which heightens the sweet and pepper
This is the most complete and balanced whisky I have tried to this point, peatier than HP yet mellower than the Islays with some Speyside sweetness, and I have tried a good number of all regions so far. This scotch seems to encompass some of all the best scotch features. My only real negative points were caramel color and unsure if chill filtered. Otherwise an excellent dram.
Taste: 73/75 Value: 12/15 Uniqueness: 5/5 Buy Again: 5/5
Total Score... 95

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