Saturday, April 27, 2013

Review #12, Old Pultney12:

               Why did God give drummers more brains than horses?
            So they wouldn't shit in the street during parades.

One review I feel I am way overdue for posting.  This was my second whisky purchase after Glenlivet.  After some careful online research and finding this at a reasonable price, I decided this was to be my next scotch purchase.  Always a staple in my cabinet and a nice daily go to dram for a reasonable price.  Very recommended, especially to newer scotch fans!

Old Pultney  12 year Old 43% $31.99 Total Beverage

Color:  Amber +1, with a rich golden lightness.  Thick tears, coats the glencairn glass nicely.

Nose:  Briny / sea air, toffee, Spices: fennel, white pepper, honey, pears, creamy caramel, nutmeg, figs

Mouthfeel:  Warm and smooth, quick but not too thin.

Taste:  Nice spiciness, fruity, apple and pears, metallic, ginger, salty oak.

Finish:  A bit short, salty, pepper comes back, yeasty, sandy beach, syrup.

With Water:  N:  Honey and carmel comes out more, malt and syrup.
    T:  Sweeter, caramel, vanilla and salt ( saltwater taffy )

Score:  Taste:  67, Value:  12  Uniqueness:  3  Buy Again: 4  Total:  86

I really do like this whisky, but after having tasted some amazing stuff over the years, this is not the most complex whisky, but so very drinkable.  I have yet to try later expressions but they are on my to try list for sure!  


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