Sunday, April 14, 2013

Review #2 Teachers Highland Cream:

Review #2 a bit more wordy...

Teacher's Highland Cream $17.99 for a 750ml bottle, Boss Liquors, Denver CO.
Color: Golden Apple Juice Nose: Grain, Watered down malt, lighter alcohol slight fruit, very light hints of fruits, wood and nuttiness. Taste: The initial alcohol burn form some of the single malts blended in to this scotch is not as intense as most (if not all) single malts I've tasted so far. Almost more watered down even though it is 43%. Definitely taste more grain, corn slight subdued fruit and oak hints. Finish: Quick fade, dry, slightly woody with a hint of soap.
With water: Nose: The grains become more apparent, less spice. Taste: Flatter, it falls apart quickly, this blend can't take much water ( if any ) Finish: pepper and woody oak.
It's funny, Ralphy rated it pretty high for a blend on one of his previous vlogs, that's what spurred me to try it. Then on a later vlog, the whisky of the year, year end 2011, I believe, he smacks it down for having dropped in quality. I am guessing I got one of the newer releases. Somewhat disappointed. It's O.K. for a cheap blend, maybe slightly better than Johnny Walker Red or close in range to Chivas 12, but certainly not much better. The bottle also claims it's been aged 36 months. That might explain the lack of complexity. Ratings:
Taste: 55/75 Value 12/15 Uniqueness 1/5 Buy Again 3/5 Overall score 71/100
The only reason I rate it this high is due to the fact it is very inexpensive and it is a blend. If someone is looking for a cheap blend to offset their single malt collection it works in a pinch, it's fine with ice or a mixer, but doesn't stand alone all that well neat. Hopefully they raise their quality by adding less grain whisky or age this longer to improve it's flavor in the future.

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