Sunday, April 28, 2013

Review #13 Highland Park 12:

A pirate walks into a bar and orders a drink.  The bartender looks down and says, "You know that you have a steering wheel in your pants"  The pirate replies, "Ay, it's drivin' me nuts"

A review of an island whisky that for the price is tough to beat! 

Highland Park 12 YO 43%,  $32, 750ml,  Daveco Liquors

Color:  Amber +1, coats glass nicely, small slow legs.

Nose:  Vanilla, smoke, malt, syrup, sea mist, nutmeg, cake, honey, lavender, pears, leather.

Taste:  Toffee, syrup, almonds, vanilla smooth, marzipan, apricots, honey, floral

Mouthfeel:  Nice, rich, velvety but not too oily

Finish:  Smooth, warm, honey, linen, smoke

Water:  Nose:  Smoke,slight peat, honey.  Taste: mellows nicely, sweeter, vanilla, syrup and toffee.

Score: Taste: 70, Value: 13,  Uniqueness:  4, Buy Again: 5  Total:  92 

For a Scotch at this price this has a quite a nice balance of flavors and aromas.  Sweet, with a nice bite and a hint of smoke, but possibly a hint of color, my only real complaint.  This is a definite go to and will always stay in my cabinet.  After calculating the overall score it seemed a bit high, but IMO a 12 year old with this much to offer and at this price I haven’t found anything yet that competes with it for $32, hence the score.  This is a damn good single malt at a blend price where I buy it, a very good value.  I have tried the 18 as well, and it is better still (another review).     

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