Thursday, April 25, 2013

Review #10, Dalwhinnie 15:

What's the difference between a musician and a mutual fund?  Eventually the mutual fund will mature and earn money.

Hey fellow Malt Meisters, My review 17 comes from another of the the Classic Malts by Diageo.  Claimed to be the highest Distillery in Scotland and “The Gentle Spirit”  this offering shows many nice features in a highland whisky.   

Dalwhinnie 15:  43%   $49 for a 750 ml.   Boss Liquors

Color:  Amber 0 - .5. Light apple juice.  Quick wide tears.

Nose:  Fruit, Apples, White Pepper, Malt, Vegetative Floral, Orange Zest, Toffee, Caramel, Honey, Figs, Nutmeg, Butter, Smoke, Peaches.

Mouth feel and Taste:  Warm medium consistency.  Oak, Ginger, White Pepper, Apple, Earthy, Caramel, Fennel, Spice.

Finish:  Warm on the tongue, Straw / Hay, Sour grapes that gives way to Malty Syrup.

With Water:  N: More Honey, Floral and Ginger.  T:  Red Apple and Nutmeg more prevalent.  

Score:  Taste:  67, Value:  11,  Uniqueness:  4,  Buy Again:  3   Total: 85

This is a nice whisky overall, a bit sweet that comes across a bit forced at moments but stands up well on it’s own.  Water opens up the aroma a bit more and allows the fruit to become more noticeable while taming the piquance.  I would like to see a bit more ABV in this offering to intensify the flavors. I’m guessing the lower ABV helps to ease the intensity and contributes to the gentleness of this spirit.  I am a bit unsure if I will continue to re-purchase it to keep it my collection, maybe for the right price.  So far not really a personal favorite, but yet still another very good dram.  


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