Sunday, April 21, 2013

Review #6 Cragganmore 12:

Joke for the day.. My band is called 1023MB... We haven't gotten a gig yet.
Badum bum... Moving along.

So this is my review #6, moving up the chain...

Cragganmore 12 40% 750 ml $48 Total Beverage
Color: Amber +1 Apple Juice with thick tears
Nose: Honey, Floral - Perfume, Lavender, Vanilla, Nuts, Lawn Clippings, Tea
Taste: Warm Sweet Honey, Syrup, Almonds, Custard, Ginger, Carmel
Mouth Feel: Medium viscosity, Smooth
Finish: Pepper, Toffee, Figs, Orange Peel, Linen, Zest
With Water:
Nose: Malt, Oak more prevalent, Zest
Taste: Creamy, Creme Brûlée, Pepper
Taste: 67 Value: 10 Unique: 4 Buy Again:3
Score: 84
A very sweet Speysider, a nice dram but I did struggle with the sweetness a bit. Oddly Michael Jackson scored this whisky a 90. I liked it overall but I would love to see this at a higher ABV, that might help offset some of the sweetness. I also felt floral notes tend to be a bit much at first but the creme notes add a nice touch, especially with water.

BTW Michael Jackson is (was) a reviewer of whisky and beer, writer of books on those subjects as well, quite renowned in those circles.  Not the deceased pop star. 

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