Saturday, April 13, 2013

My journey into single malt whisky.

So I am creating this little blog from the suggestion of a couple friends.  I am a professional musician and teacher that happens to enjoy some single malt Scotch whisky, primarily, from time to time.  I have been having a good time, rating, scoring then posting my reviews on the popular website Reddit under the Scotch sub-reddit.  So I thought I'd take this hobby of mine to a new location and direction and share what things I have discovered so far along the way.  If nothing else this will serve to amuse me and hopefully someone else in the process.

One of my early experiences with Scotch came from a nightclub I used to perform at.  A couple of the bartenders there, great people and of whom I got along with well, enabled my foray.  The journey was underway after I had made the announcement that I was in for the blessing, or unexpected surprise of becoming a father.  An interesting new dimension in my life that I had not explored, and quite honestly was a bit overwhelmed with.  My wife and I were not intending to have children but apparently some force greater than our own decided we were to be parents.

Therefore as a result, one of the bartenders exclaimed, "Well, if you are going to be a parent you will probably learn to drink Scotch."  So they muddled around the bar a bit, discussing the right selection and came up with a belt of Glenfiddich 12 on the rocks in a tumbler.  My first impression is that it was an intense liquid sensation full of smoke and sharp strong flavors.  It was intriguing, but out of my usual league of beer and cheap Tequila shots.  However, by the end of the evening it did leave an impression,  one that I would nurture until about 2 years ago, where I plunged headlong into the world of single malt whisky combined with a few blended Scotches along the way.    

My first bottle was Glenlivet 12 that I used to sip on of over the rocks.  That first bottle lasted me over a year.  When I finally worked my way through it, I replaced it with another.  After I finished that bottle I took a detour into craft and Belgian beers, which I still enjoy.  But while trying to loose a few pounds, my research led me back to Scotch whisky.  At only about 65 calories a shot (a dram by scotch aficionados) it was a welcome substitute for beer.  So much flavor with a lot less calories.

My new bottle, after some online research, and after finding my new virtual online whisky guru Ralfy, was Old Pultney 12 year old.  A pretty inexpensive whisky that I replaced a number of times in my whisky cabinet.  Then on to Glenmorangie Original 10, then to Balvenie Double Wood 12 for a community review, and from there I was off and running, (or staggering), with the help and guidance of my new online community of friends on r/scotch.

The following pages of reviews and overviews illustrate the development of my nosing and tasting exercises with single malt Scotch whisky, with perhaps a few side trips along the way.

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