Monday, April 22, 2013

Review #7 Aberlour 12 Non Chill Filtered:

So, a guy is at the doctors office for his obligatory prostate check when in walks a nurse with a 12 pack of beer.  The doctor turns around to scold her shouting " no I said a butt light!"

So, rumor has it this expression is being discontinued.  Such a shame as this is one of my top favorites so far!

Aberlour Non Chill Filtered:  12 yo, 48% ABV, $65 Superior Liquors

**Color:**  Amber +2 again with Golden Orange hue.  Thick Tiers, sticks to the glass.

**Nose:**  Very balanced, barley malt, Fruit ( red apples) sherry oak cask, red wine, blackberries, cinnamon, coconut.

**Mouth Feel/Taste:**  Smooth and balanced, not to heavy or oily.  Warm, smooth, honey, syrup, malt, strawberries, fresh fruit, cinnamon, fennel seed.  

**Finish:**  Again well balanced warmth, Sherry comes out more, strawberries and cocoa.

**Water:**  N:  Sweet, more fruit and floral
      T:   Honey almonds and berries

**Score:**  Taste: 73, Value: 12, Unique: 5, Buy Again:4 Total:  94  

In my opinion and from what I have had to this point, this is one of the best of the sherried Scotch distilleries out there I have tried.  I think they all rank very close (if not better in some cases) to most of the Macallan offerings but often at a better price.  I personally feel this distilleries’ expressions is one of the best values available.  Again my only real complaints lie in the question if they use coloring, and as tasty as the NCF is compared to the 12 YO Double Cask, I feel they could save time and perhaps money by skipping the filtration on their standard 12.  But hey that’s my 2 cents.  In the meantime I recommend picking up a bottle from this distillery if you have not as of yet.

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